Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting


Create your sustainability report with just one click.


The platforms versatility provides tailored-made solutions, designed for each organizations management and reporting demands.


With Sustys Customized Reporting Module, organizations can compile information in a collaborative manner between individuals, departments and branch offices, from anywhere in the world using almost any device.



  • Customized module to meet the organizations compliance and accountability requirements, according to their industry, line of business and materiality.
  • Can utilize international reporting frameworks as a base or not.
  • Appropriate performance indicators are established. These quantitative and qualitative indicators enable data-driven decision making to assess the company’s sustainability performance.
  • Easy and collaborative data entry.
  • Data is analyzed through impact and reduction estimates, and comparative charts using past metrics and factors such as production units, clients or personnel.
  • Use of relevant and reliable data.
  • Can log evidences to validate sustainability results and actions.
  • Instant easy-to-read reports are generated in the organizations set format and graphic line.


For this module, cost varies according to the amount of indicators and their complexity.